Wood gearing up for T20 World Cup with slow yorker | Latest News | Live Scores Today

Wood gearing up for T20 World Cup with slow yorker  | Latest News | Live Scores Today

Mark Wood already has the ability to intimidate batsmen with his pace but the England fast bowler revealed on Wednesday that he is working behind the scenes to develop a slow yorker who will be in India later this year Will work during the game. Action on the T20 World Cup cricket team.

Wood said that he realized the importance of slow pitch ball in the IPL, playing alongside India’s fast bowler Shardul Thakur, where he plays for Chennai Super Kings.

In just seven months of playing the T20 World Cup in India, Woods is making a conscious effort to add ammunition to his arsenal.

“Looking at his bowlers, I played with Sridul Thakur in Chennai (Super Kings). And he got a new slow ball. Wood told the British media here on Wednesday,” Just look here and see how well it has done. This is me trying to adapt to my game. “

“My role has been very clear, the plans I am trying to make. Behind the curtain, I am still trying to learn new things, slow balls are trying to get my yorker off the ball and so there are always things to improve. “

“We are facing these situations in the World Cup, so he is trying to acquire the right skills to suit any surface or any type of pitch,” he said. .

The England fast bowler, who did not make it to the Test series, was upset at India’s top speed of 140 kmph per hour in T20Is. But he still does not feel that he has a place in the playing eleven.

He said, ‘I played well in two matches, but you know that I played well against Australia last summer and then I missed South Africa. We have got a lot of good bowlers that I do not think I have got a place in it. “

Wood said the series gives him a chance to cement his place for the upcoming T20 World Cup.

“It gave me a chance to prove myself in the series and ultimately we all want to be part of the group that plays in the World Cup and win the World Cup for England,” he said.

“We have a lot of backups, people who are running in and out of form, and injuries are coming and going. So, it is important that, as a group, no one is allowed to play. ” However, Wood said that this gave him great confidence that England captain Eoin Morgan had identified him as a member of his main group.

“Eon is a great leader. When I’m not in the game, he just says why I’m not playing and he wants me to improve on it.” And while I am very clear about my role, it is very clear what I mean in terms of those games and things.

“So he gives me a lot of confidence that he sees me like this. We both get on well and know each other. It’s a relationship. I’m glad he’s feeling that way, but ya So that means that it is. I am in the team.

Asked if he felt frustrated about not being recognized as a unit and compared to his new ball partner Jofra Archer, he said he brings out the best in them.

“It doesn’t bother us in terms of being competitive, that’s the question, that’s not the point. Joffra and I try and get ahead of each other. Now we’ve played so much together that we’re just a Enjoys being together. “

“He brings out the best in me because I’m sure. We just focus on our roles. He said he is capable of putting pressure on the opposition together.”


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