Vintage Tendulkar, Yuvraj on offer for fans at Road Safety World series | latest news | Live Scores Today

Vintage Tendulkar, Yuvraj on offer for fans at Road Safety World series | latest news | Live Scores Today

It was a game, but in no time Raipur came to know.

A live voice is heard from the stand of Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium. The action was fast-paced and easily engaged. India defeated the South African giants by 56 runs to enter the semi-finals of the Road Safety World Series T20 2020-2021 against the Indian and South African giants and gave a tough fight with the bat and athletic defense. But there was more than one act to win this match.

Best snippet of back-to-back personal skills all night, in two minutes. Makhaya Ntini threw the ball into the right channel to chase Sachin Tendulkar. It was a back-of-the-length delivery and Tendulkar bounced on the back foot to square it in front of the point. The next ball, Ntini, shaped a good length, and Tendulkar bounced on a generally respectable ball and sent the ball past the back of the field rope.

The grand audit behind this stroke made it a fascinatingly exciting experience – all you had to do was lie down and give up. For years, Tendulkar’s rite of passage in Indian cricket is embellished by the number game. “Tendulkar feels that he is different from other great contemporaries,” he said.

While millions of fans can do with the bat in hand, their achievements have inspired the Indian generation to play as well. “Everything was said by Jahan Tendulkar,” he said. “Inda Bada Khiladi” (everyone is here to see Tendulkar), Rajesh, a 24-year-old cab driver.

“Now people have got a little smile in Corona’s time. I have no favorite player, but my father is a devotee of Tendulkar. He is also interested in Sachin’s son Mujah. (He makes people happy during an epidemic.) Will do. “) I don’t have a favorite player, but my father is a big fan of Tendulkar. He introduced me to him! “

26-year-old Atul, who sells tea outside the stadium, says he plays the role of Tendulkar. “Muja Uka Chauka was batting in the style of Maran and Jesus Tariq is very fond of coming to the Javed crease. My dream is to make Tendulkar sir’s tea (the way he made this four and how he came to bat). ” Like drinking tea one day), he says.

So, on Saturday, when Little Master was greeted at the crease by the sound of “Sachin, Sachin” – eight years later when he hung up his shoes, you know that a man of 100 international centuries was still in the air.

Tendulkar was eventually dismissed for 60 off 37 balls, but Yuvraj Singh hit four consecutive sixes over Gander de Bruyne, while hitting better sixes in memory lane. It is the high build and surprising followings that once made him more eager to attract his throbbing fans.

Although he was not one of those four sixes, Yuvraj scored in the next over to send emotional memories into overdrive. He maintained his hypocrisy keeping in mind the policy for a long time. At that moment he put out a bat and the crowd took maximum flight from there. Yuvraj remained unbeaten after scoring 52 runs.

It was the personal thrill of Tendulkar and Yuvraj, which was spectacular and moved with fan flow. They went for a ride there!


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