Smriti Mandhana: It is easy to count things when batting second. | Live Scores Today

Smriti Mandhana: It is easy to count things when batting second. | Live Scores Today

Indian women’s team’s star batsman Smriti Mandhana said on Thursday, “when it is easy to count an innings” when one side is batting to score the other.

India are currently busy in the five-match ODI series against South Africa and in the second match, Mandhana scored an unbeaten 80 to win by nine wickets.

He said, “Whenever I go to bat, I have only one goal, and that is to help India win the match.” “I just think so,” Mandhana said at a pre-match press conference.

He said, inn when they (opponents) run on the board it is easy to count their innings. It is not that I like batting first or second.

He said, ‘I like batting under any circumstances. “I am thinking of winning something for India, whether we are batting first or second,” he said.

With his innings in the previous match, Mandhana became the first player to score for the 10th consecutive time in an ODI run chase, but on the eve of the third ODI, the cricketer said he was unaware of it.

“I came to know after the second ODI that I was the first player to achieve this feat.”

When asked about his mindset during batting, he said that he tries to keep things simple and does not think too much.

He said, “I don’t think much about pressure. Whenever I think before the match I don’t do as well. So I try to keep things simple and don’t allow too many ideas.”

Asked if the Indian women’s team needs a mental coach to move forward, Mandhana said it can definitely help.

“Well, the girls are in a much better place right now. First of all, we’re back after a long break and everyone wants to freshen up. But, of course, good for a mentally conditioning coach or mentor Will. A lot of girls.

“And, of course, the BCCI is investigating it and we will have something in the World Cup.”

Regarding captain Mithali Raj, who is all set to score 10,000 international runs, Mandhana said, “10,000 runs is a big thing. I think he is the first Indian to do so and it shows how consistent he is in his career.

“We saw him… definitely very proud of all of us on the team.” Asked whether it was important to focus on singles at the start of the innings, he said that one should be computational as a batsman.

“I think singles, doubles, fours, sixes are all important, as a batsman it depends on which bowler you are facing. As a batsman you have to be very calculating.

He said, trying I’m just trying to play like a ball. I have the same mindset, like I have to hit single, fours or sixes against someone.


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