One of the best innings in Laxman’s 281 | latest news | Live Scores Today

One of the best innings in Laxman’s 281 | latest news | Live Scores Today

On the final day of the 2001 Eden Gardens Test between India and Australia, umpire S.W. Glenn McGrath was LBW by Bansal, with 100,000 spectators celebrating uncontrollably and loudly.

Sepia is a picture filled with memories of that March evening incident in Kolkata. For some, those memories include ecstasy, for others grief. But everyone agrees that it was an experience that was once rich and boring. “Kolkata is a great place to play. We accepted it and enjoyed the challenge.

That messenger produced some of the most exciting cricket stories in decades. After being dismissed for 171 in their first innings, India were sent to bat on day one, giving the audience a 274-run lead.

The decision came when India were bowled out for 232 in their second innings, needing another 42 runs to avoid an innings defeat. Rahul Dravid and V. V | s. Laxman recorded an extraordinary partnership of 376.

But by the time Dravid and Laxman’s response sparked widespread protests, Gillespie said Australia believed there was still a lot of competition. “We definitely felt the opportunity was slipping,” he said. However, we still believe that it is very possible to save the game. Whenever we were confident of pushing the game forward, I could not believe that happiness was an issue. “

Flapping arms

Laxman scored 281 and 10 runs in half an hour. Dravid was out for 180 after 7.30 pm. After the stump draw on the fourth day, India’s score on the board was 315, including 589 runs. Gillespie gives a glimpse of the mood during lunch, tea, and lunch at Sterling Camp, “The basic thing was that they were playing a good game, however, he only takes one ball or one bad shot and We can get a wicket unfortunately, not a bad shot accident! Yes!

He said, “I tried to distract VVS, as if I were walking in the bowl to knock him out. It didn’t work! Ha!” He says.

For a decade, Laxman Australia’s regular Laxman introduced Shane Warne’s spin threat to such a time and grace that former Test captain Ian Chappell later described his performance as “the best game of spin bowling I’ve ever seen”. Described as. For Gillespie, it was Deja Vu’s shine as Laxman was close to his double century. He said, “One of the best innings in Test history.” Says Gillespie. “I remember my first trip to India with the Australian Under-19s and scored a century after the VSS hundred. I was bowling well till the end of my career.

Laxman scored 59 and 281 to help India win the match and the series. Between August 1999 and February 2001, Australia won 16 straight Tests. But India’s 171-run win ended the game. In the later years of Steve Waugh, there was much debate over the decision not to implement follow-implementation. Vaughn’s teammate Gillespie opened the call. “It’s easy to say [it wasn’t the right choice]. Statistically it was the right decision,” Gillespie says. However, you can look at it from a different point of view and say when is the best time to bat. Happens? Does this give bowlers a chance to perform well? This is a good discussion! “

Strategy change

Gillespie feels that the 2001 series will pave the way for future Australian teams to win in India. Three years later, when he visits India again, the Australian team will be able to win a Test series in India for the first time in 30 years. Gillespie Gill was Australia’s wicket-taker. “We knew as bowlers how we had to change the mindset for Indian batsmen,” says Gillespie. “In 2004, we decided to bowl the striker (this is the strength of the Indian batsmen as they are very strong from the leg side) and set an out-and-out field in the leg side with the nearby catchers and cleaners. We Are stumps. Technique. ” With Indian players. And wanted to test it by constantly challenging it. “


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