McGrath taught me to be consistent: Prasidh | Latest News | Live Scores Today

McGrath taught me to be consistent: Prasidh  | Latest News | Live Scores Today

Glenn McGrath in 2017 during his tenure at the MRF Pace Foundation in Chennai. The famous Krishna was very impressed. The Indian fast bowler said on Thursday that the first thing he learned from the Australian great was to remain calm and composed.

The Karnataka bowler made his international debut, becoming the first Indian to take four wickets in an ODI as India beat England by 66 runs to take a 1-0 lead in the three-match series.

“I noticed first and foremost that she (McGraw) was never excited or overcome by the situation,” the celebrity told the Kolkata Knight Riders website.

“And besides, he always talked about being consistent. So that’s the biggest part of it.

Later, Prasad went to Cricket Australia Center of Excellence in 2019 in Brisbane, Australia as part of an MoU.

“I was playing a varsity game and I got a call saying your choice was made. So, I was excited to go there.

He said, “When we started bowling, there was a kind of challenge in front of me. We knew that we are the best in the country, like 15-20. So we had a challenge and there was no better place for you.

Vijay’s brilliant Vijay Hazare was selected for the Indian team after the trophy where he took 14 wickets.

His love of speed was derived from MotoGP sensation Valentino Rossi.

He said, “I am a long way behind this. Maybe the speed factor I came from, because you know, you see it moving very fast. It’s such a speed. So , My choice for speed exists. “

It was then his school coach Srinivas Murthy who asked him to focus on fast bowling due to the long frame.

“I was younger and I was getting the ball to go back. So, that’s what fixed my running technique, my running angle, mine and everything. It made me realize that I was getting faster and better.” I was going. Get up to speed with things, ”he said.

On finding a home in KKR, he said: I had a really good tournament before coming to KKR Net (in 2018). I had the Vijay Hazare Trophy very well; We won the tournament. Therefore, I was coming with great confidence. I never felt like a newcomer. “

On his ODI debut, Tejashwi said that he wants to make things easy before the next IPL.

He said that the focus would be just to be present, to be present, to be calm under pressure and to take one game at a time.


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