Indian Premier League: Rohit Sharma batting for Noble with the message “Save the Rhino”; Kevin Peterson Cheers | Live Scores Today

Indian Premier League: Rohit Sharma batting for Noble with the message

Rohit Sharma released the opener Rhino species in IPL 2021.©Instagram/Rohit Sharma

Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma batted brilliantly against the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021 as he wore the shoes of an endangered Rhino species. In line with his style, in this IPL, he spoke in a unique way, which Rohit has long supported – the preservation of the Great One-Horned Rhinocer or the Indian Rhino. The move was praised on Twitter by former England international player Kevin Pietersen.

The caption on Rohit’s Instagram post reads, “When I went on the field yesterday, it was not just a game for me. Playing cricket is my dream and helping to make this world a better place is one of the reasons why we all Needs to. ” The reason I was close to my heart at work and on the field was special for me. Every step is important. ”

Rohit wore a specially designed shoe which displayed an endangered species on it.

The art on Rohit’s spikes was a bold statement that “save the rhino” and it would certainly educate more people and help them save “sensitive” species from extinction.

Peterson, who supports similar reasons, was full of praise for Rohit’s gestures for endangered species.

The caption reads, “Great @IPL opener last night. @ImRo45 playing for one reason in a row – saving the Rhinos!

RCB defeated Rohit-led Mumbai Indians by two wickets in the opening match of IPL 2021 at the MA Chidambaram Stadium on Friday.


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