IND vs ENG: KL Rahul Says Was Confident That Next Player From Karnataka | Latest News | Live Scores Today

IND vs ENG: KL Rahul Says Was Confident That Next Player From Karnataka  | Latest News | Live Scores Today

With the international debut of India’s new fast-paced sensation Prasad Krishna, K.L. Rahul was not surprised as he always felt that he would join the big names of Karnataka, who have already given national color. Prithvi, who made his name in the Indian Premier League (IPL) from Kolkata Knight Riders, took four wickets in his ODI against England.

“Look, honestly, I’m not surprised by what I did yesterday (Tuesday).” I always believed that the next player coming out of Karnataka would be famous.

“We were not of the same batch, but I have seen him play junior cricket against England,” Rahul said in a virtual press conference before the second ODI.

According to Rahul, the best thing is that fast bowling is the ability of a predecessor.

“(He) is a tall man (who) bowls fast, he gets a lot of bounce from the wicket, and for Mushtaq Ali and Vijay Hazare, something was played with him in the last few seasons, I realized that he Was brave. ” is. “

Rahul is also impressed with his game.

“He has a very good understanding of the game, it is not just his skill, but how he understands and practices the game. He is a very keen learner and he is, as I said, very brave and very aggressive.” , Said Rahul. .

Rahul is confident that Indian cricket will be a big asset if he works hard on the question.

“We saw in the last game that he was trying to speak a word or two with the batsman and he is participating in the competition,” Rahul said.

“He’sné. And I am very happy to see that he is doing the same thing and not overwhelmed by where he is playing his first game for the country, I am sure there will be a lot of nerves but after that He came back and got a decisive wicket in the first three overs, so these are the qualities that have impressed us both as a player and as a team, many of us. “

For Rahul, the way every new player of the series has performed is due to his consistent performance in domestic cricket.

“I think a big part is the IPL and the confidence that comes with these boys. And whoever comes in the team, it is not because they have performed in one season of IPL or one season of first class cricket, but it has been consistently good for 2-3 years and at whatever level they play. They play, ”said Rahul, who is the chairman of the Punjab Kings in the T20 League.

But apparently all the top players in the IPL helped his performance, Rahul conceded.

“Apparently you tell Surya (Suryakumar Yadav), Ishaan (Kishan) and Krunal (Pandya) in your interview that they have played against most of the people in the IPL at the moment and they know how they know you?” And the performance of the IPL has given him a lot of confidence and gave him the confidence to play for his country, ”he said.


Rahul also said that the team management also gives confidence to the youth.

“And it is also something that the team, management and environment here in the Indian team, what we are trying to do is give the confidence to the youth to come in and I find it strange to call them young, because we have them for so many years Gave. “We’ve seen them perform and when they come, we want all the players to do what they do.”

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